Dr. Cameron Clokie’s History and Achievements

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a reputable Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon from Toronto, Canada. He is also an entrepreneur, scientists and an Oral and Maxillofacial Professor at the University of Toronto. He completed his Doctorate Degree in Dental Surgery in 1985. In the year 1990, he completed his specialty training and went ahead to pursue a doctorate (Ph.D.) in bone regeneration at the University of McGill. He completed his Ph.D. in 1992.

Dr. Clokie has invested a lot in research, and he is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a regenerative medicine company known as Induce Biologics. The company’s main goal is to find creative ways to deal with musculoskeletal issues.

He has been involved in clinical practices and academic dentistry for more than 30 years now. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/dr-cameron-clokie-136991109

Until his retirement this year (2017), he worked as a professor of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery at the University of Toronto. While working at this institution, he taught and mentored many students in his areas of expertise.

He has also served on various boards and medical facilities of different companies in Canada. His extensive knowledge and many years of practice are recognised by many experts in the medical field.

As an academician, he had the privilege to lecture several international universities and published many papers. He has also made many presentations on bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine, both nationally and internationally. Read more: Toronto Dentist Cameron Clokie Talks Up New Technology Available to Oral Surgeons

His work is exceptional and has been cited by many different scientists all over the world. His achievements have also been cited in conferences and seminars.

Scientists and students studying reconstructive and regenerative medicine use Dr. Clokie’s works as part of their study materials. He is currently a renowned scientist with over twenty-five patented products utilised in Canada and internationally. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

His patents have also been used greatly by researchers in the field of dentistry. These patents have been created through joint partnerships with several businesses, bio-pharmaceutical companies, and many renowned scientists from all over the globe. Majority of these products have already been certified and approved for consumption, but some of them still await certification and approval from the board.

Dr. Clokie has changed the lives of many people that he has worked with. Interestingly, even his patients are very proud of him. Peter Russel is one of the patients that have benefited a lot from him.

Mr. Russel had a tumour in his jaw and was treated using Dr. Clokie’s regeneration technology. He was able to grow his jaw, and after undergoing multiple surgeries, he was able to regain his health.

Sussex Healthcare And The Services It Offers

Sussex healthcare is a health facility located in Sussex, England. Its key purpose is to offer a wide range of care to clients who need them. It does that by establishing various homes where people feel welcomed due to the extreme hospitality and care that they are accorded by the hired professionals. This facility was established with the aim of providing something that many people are in need of but cannot acquire or rather afford.

Why Choose Sussex?

Best facilities are always determined by the availability of resources that they have. You really cannot afford to go elsewhere for Sussex Health Care has all the resources that are required to provide the best care to clients. It has twenty homes strategically located in the region, and the workers are more than just friendly. When you are looking to get some quality care, then success is the place to go to. The highly skilled and knowledgeable workers know how best to keep their clients in the right comfort for the longest period possible and at affordable rates according to wikipedia.org.

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Does Sussex have Advanced Technology?

Technology is great, and it is even amazing how it enhances the services that are offered at the Sussex Health Care. It is, therefore, a yes for the question above. Sussex is designed with the best technology and the capacity to offer therapies to clients in a homely setting. The most interesting thing is that with all the resources available, the services offered are of the highest quality possible and yet they are offered at affordable prices.

Does Sussex Care for Older People?

The ultimate reason for the existence of the facility is to ensure that clients get the best care possible. The old in the society are always faced with the challenges of getting assistance with some basic things that they may need. That said, Sussex is happy to be part of the solution to that problem. It has professional carers who know how to serve the old and vulnerable in the society with the best care. As earlier mentioned, Sussex Health Care does provide different types of cares and caring for the old is one of the services it provides.

When you are looking to have the best services in your location, then you need not go further for Sussex would be more than happy to help you out.

For more information about Sussex Healthcare, check https://www.staffnurse.com/company/sussex-healthcare/profile-c9080w5xyps52rfl7t7

Lacey and Larkin Advocating for the Upholding of Human Rights

There has been a struggle to defend migrants’ rights, as well as the role each country plays in enhancing the facilitation, protection, and respect for migrants. Various United Nations human rights bodies have supported this stance where migrants should not be obstructed from their work.

But despite all these efforts, a number of States have imposed legal restrictions not only on migrant workers but on migrant human rights activists.

The Advocates for Human Rights was started in 1983 by a group of lawyers from Minnesota who were motivated by the city’s social justice system which they used to promote and facilitate human rights globally.

At the start, before going global, the organization focused on educating its members and attorneys on how to protect, promote and encourage human rights efforts and the interplay on the legal expertise. Professional and lawyers were taught skills and experiences of how to defend human rights.

After getting global, the organization was applauded for coming up with the “Minnesota Protocol.” This international manual that was later adopted by the UN in investigating cases and conducting autopsies and forensic of politically pushed homicides. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Angel.co

The organization works have moved from local to national and even internationally with human rights advocacy and efforts in Nepal, Liberia, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Mexico, and Uganda. The Advocates for Human Rights still lives to the vision of its founders, efforts, and energy of its staff, board, and volunteers as well as its generous supporters.

Mission statement: To ensure application of human rights standards internationally by endorsing civil society and enhancing the rule of law. This is through advocacy, research and educating local and global communities.

Principles: The Advocates for Human Rights is committed to developing proactive and creative strategies that are sustainable for protection and promotion of international human rights. The organization is moved by the following principles:

 Quick adaptation of their methods to the dynamics in human rights needs and situations.

 Retention of skillful and talented workers.

 Proper control and use of donor resources, volunteers, and contributions.

Incorporating knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers in human rights projects, and encourage them to be part of the movement.

 Sharing professional information and resources across all departments and programs hence making the optimum out of each resource.

 Collaborating with other organizations, communities, and advocates to build relationships on ways of protecting human rights.

 Encouraging all people to partake in ensuring human rights prevail.

The Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund came as a twist in a legal battle involving Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. This was after they were arrested and charged by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for what they had written and publicized in their Village Voice media which the sheriff claimed went against the grand jury secrecy laws.

Later the county attorney dropped the charges against them. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to sue the sheriff, the special prosecutor and the county attorney for infringement of their First Amendments rights as well as misuse of power.

The court noted there was no reason for the arrest which contradicted the claim since the prosecutor has not consulted a grand jury. Lacey and Larkin were awarded $3.75 million as settlement money which they used to found Frontera Fund.

They used this fund to support civil and human rights efforts. The fund also is aimed at supporting Hispanic in Phoenix and freedom of speech and migrant rights in Arizona especially along the Mexican border.

Daniel Taub Bridges the Gap Through Understanding

Accomplished diplomat Daniel Taub was born in Britain in 1962, but would have to eventually give up his British citizenship in order to become the Israeli ambassador. However, this compromise was of no concern to Taub, as he remains dedicated to his Jewish heritage and culture.

He understands the great opportunities given to him in Britain, while also having a great desire to expose his children to their homeland. Daniel Taub uses this admiration for both countries to bring the regions together.

In order to truly represent the needs of the community, Daniel Taub and his wife Zehava strive to be a part of the community as much as possible. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

As a prominent figure, Taub receives invitations from the Jewish community around him that request his presence at different events. While he cannot respond to every request, the busy diplomat does his best to visit others and hear their perspectives on different issues.

In his tour of embassies around London, Taub surveyed others ambassadors as he would regularly do with any group of people.

He and his peers are asked often about how they are able to balance their governments’ policies that they represent with their own views. Daniel Taub says that the answers of ambassadors vary, but it all typically revolves around creating a common ground of understand between parties.

Daniel Taub studied at Oxford University in London. He moved to Israel during the year 1989 and served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a medic.

Taub also spent time in the international law division of the Israeli Defense Forces as a reserve officer, but soon focused his efforts on foreign relations. He worked for a time as President Chaim Herzog’s speechwriter and, in 1991, became part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Read more: In conversation with Mayor of London Boris Johnson

More recently, Taub has used his writing skills in different venues. His articles have been included in publications such as The Guardian, Huffington Post, and The Daily Telegraph.

The bulk of Daniel Taub’s published works focuses on the Middle East and Israel. He has ventured into other forms of media, including creating ideas and scripts for television.

Mike Baur – Investing in The Youth

Mike is the current managing partner and benefactor of Swiss Start- up Factory. He co-founded this company after serving two decades in the banking industry. Some of the banks he worked in include; The Clariden Leu and UBS bank. In 2014, he alongside his two friends; Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, co-found Swiss Start-up Factory. This, was after they had initially invested in several start-up companies.

Swiss startup factory became a success as soon as it opened.


The company had a management team that was uniquely qualified to facilitate the company’s success in the industry. Besides, the years of service that Mike Baur had in the banking sector coupled with the skills that his other managing partners had enabled the company to have massive success. Later on, in 2016, Mike Baur was appointed to be a managing director in the CTI Invest Company. This promotion occurred after his huge involvement in the launching of the accelerator programs by the Swiss Start-up factory.


Accelerator programs (Seed Accelerators)


Accelerator programs are also referred to as seed accelerators. These are fixed term, privately funded business accelerators that facilitate the growth of business start-ups. The differences between business incubators and seed accelerators are;

  1. Unlike traditional business incubators, application to the seed accelerator program is open to anyone. In seed accelerators, an initial seed investment is usually made to the given business start-up
  2. Seed accelerator programs include intensive education and mentorship programs. Often, the business start-ups are given a deadline in which the progress of the various start-ups is evaluated.
  3. Start-up companies are supported in groups. The accelerator programs are not engineered to be on- demand resource. The peer feedback is highly valued.


The massive success of these seed accelerator programs facilitated the rise Mike Bauer’s career. Also, Swiss Start-up factory partnered with other major business enterprise and these provided highly lucrative opportunities for the company. Besides, the partnership of the company with Fintech fusion also increased the global presence of the start-up factory.


Mike Baur attributes his achievements as an entrepreneur to the virtues he learned while still in the campus. He studied at two great universities; the University of Berne and the University of Rochester. The latter is in New York. He graduated with an executive MBA and an MBA respectively. However, the motivating factor that pushed him to venture into starting Swiss Start-up Factory was his involvement as an investor in the start-up companies.


Todd Lubar: Real Estate and Finance Expert

At some point, everyone’s thought about starting their own company. For many, it’s just a nice daydream to have during long days at a job they hate. For some, it’s an adventure that may lead to success, although it rarely does. While most new business owners fail within the first year, some are propelled into success.

There’s no surefire way to ensure success. While experts say that education is the best tool, there are some who succeed in an industry they know nothing about just because of blind luck. Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur that started out in an industry he knows and ended up in several industries that he doesn’t.

Lubar’s career began at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He started out as a loan originator and focused much of his experience on learning about conservative mortgage banking. It soon became apparent that Lubar had a natural gift for mortgage banking.

After four years at Crestar, Todd Lubar decided to move on to Legacy Financial Group, a company based in Arlington, Texas. He played a major role in growing the company’s Maryland officer during his six years with the Legacy Financial. His success at the company led to his promotion to Senior VP in Charter Funding, a division of Magnus Financial Corp.

Over the years, Lubar’s expanded into several industries. Todd owns businesses in the real estate industry, nightclub industry, and even the recycling industry. Currently, he’s focused on partially philanthropic business: TDL Ventures.

While TDL isn’t a purely philanthropic non-profit, it does focus on providing much-needed loans to those who have no other option. Too many banks have high lending standards that most people don’t qualify for; Todd Lubar sought to rectify that. In his mind, the people of Baltimore needed help. He created a program that removed many of those obstacles.

While it seems like Lubar’s career is spotless, it isn’t. Like all entrepreneurs, he’s had companies that didn’t work out, but he never let that slow him down. Check out his website, toddlubar.com.



Nathaniel Ru And His Partners Are Green Advocates In The Hotel Industry

Today’s consumers are increasingly becoming aware of what they need to do to stay healthy. With scientists establishing a close link between unhealthy foods and lifestyle diseases, many have resorted to being on the safer side by overhauling their diets. Restaurants have begun changing their menus to incorporate green and organic portions.

One of the food chains that have built its business around the green-healthy concept is Sweetgreen. The restaurant was founded by three entrepreneurs who met at Georgetown University in an entrepreneurship class.

The three founders are Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman. The trio was passionate about creating a restaurant that could offer healthier meals in a fun and exciting way.

Investing in customer experience is one of the proven ways of attracting a vast clientele. Sweetgreen has devoted a lot of resources to ensure that its clients get a different kind of experience whenever they visit any of its restaurants. They have incorporated the benefits of serene environments with good music.

According to the company’s head of marketing, Sweetgreen’s primary principle is that its customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders get value for either their money or time. Everybody is a winner at the enterprise. Nathaniel Ru, the most vocal of Sweetgreen’s founders, believes that every decision at the company should be made for the benefit of everyone and posterity.

With a farm-to-table approach, Sweetgreen is committed to ensuring that its products are authentic and they give customers value for their money. The firm has also made sure that it works in close collaboration with the farmers who supply it with food to make sure that they offer quality products.

On most Saturdays and Sundays, Sweetgreen treats its guests with music that is played outside their stores. The firm also features a once in a year event that brings together farmers who supply the company and the consumers. Such an initiative is meant to showcase the origin of the foods found at the restaurant.

Sweetgreen believes in a comprehensive approach to fitness. The company has partnered with other brands in the fitness and gym sector to ensure that its clients adopt a comprehensive fitness plan.

The Expertise and Success of Betsy DeVos in Different Fields

Betsy DeVos is an accomplished American businesswoman and philanthropist. She is a liberal individual and has participated in several activities that have assisted in bettering the lives of people across the country. Mrs. DeVos is recognized for her commitment as an education activist. She has pushed for reforms in the sector by supporting the use of school vouchers and the existence of charter schools. Betsy has been married the founder of Windquest Group, Dick DeVos, for decades. Dick formerly headed his father’s businesses, which include Amway and Orlando Magic. In 2016, Forbes Magazine listed the DeVos family as the America’s 88th wealthiest family, and they were worth $5.4 billion. Betsy has made many donations to the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She has been running the charity with her husband since 1989, and the activities that they have supported include Christian work, art, medical research, education, and leadership.


Mrs. DeVos has held campaigns to encourage states across the country to have reforms in the school systems so that all children can have an opportunity of attending learning institutions that they deserve. Her participation in the sector was appreciated by President Trump who made her the 11th secretary of education. Betsy was chosen to serve on the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s board. She also made great contributions to the activities of the Alliance for School Choice, Grand Rapids Public School, and All Children Matter PAC. Her family offered financial support to the Potter’s House School to enable disadvantaged children to have the best education. The learning institution is Christian-based.


Apart from her work as an activist, Betsy has had a political career for over three decades. She was interested in the field during her time in college and later joined the Michigan Republican Party in 1982. In 1986, Mrs. DeVos ran for the delegate position, which she held for several years. The party offered her an opportunity to serve the Michigan’s Republican National Committee as from 1992 to 1997. The businesswoman took over the leadership of the Michigan Republican Party in 1996. She has been involved in a couple of fundraisers for the party. Betsy convinced her friends to donated over $150,000 to help in President Bush’s campaigns in 2004. The party has to date received over $17 million from the DeVos family.


Betsy has established herself well in the business sector. She assists her husband in the administration of the Windquest Group, which is an enterprise that they co-founded. The couple has also invested a significant amount of money in Neurocore. The firm’s expertise is in offering unparalleled therapies for depression, autism, and anxiety. Dick and Betsy also invested in the development of a charter high school that is called the West Michigan Aviation College.


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The most experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon Cameron Clokie

Dr. Cameron Clokie serves as the CEO at Induce Biologics Inc, a regenerative medicine firm which focuses on musculoskeletal reconstruction and bone regeneration. Dr. Clokie is a renowned Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon, entrepreneur, teacher and as a great scientist.

He has three decades experience in clinical services and academic industry. He was once named and honored as the Head of oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

Dr. Clokie has been serving in the University of Toronto, Canada as a professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery until when he retired recently. His reputation has enabled him to serve in various positions on the scientific advisory boards for several companies. He also lectured on surgical topics in different universities.

In his professional course, he produced and published many documents and presentations on a national and global scale concerning bone regenerative and reconstruction and also oral health care. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:  https://www.dentevents.com/speaker-profile/dr-cameron–clokie/c12024915 and https://www.facebook.com/Dr-Cameron-Clokie-1711496149080699/

He wrote on topics like Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Future of Dentistry, among others. Clokie holds numerous pending patents which include those which relate to bone healing. He has formed strategic alliances with several businesses.

Cameron Clokie pioneered a method to reset and restructure the jaw`s skeletal bones so that they can grow normally as those of infant. Dr. Cameron used a protein substance which can make the adult stem cells to regenerate and become bone tissue.

According to Bloomberg, Cameron Clokie practices every detail of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He is knowledgeable and experienced in his services. Dr. Clokie holds a Doctorate in Dental Surgery and PhD in Bone Regeneration from McGill University. Cameron Clokie has shown his potential expertise and leadership in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery industry through the face of success in his career.

His creative and innovative mind with the desire to achieve has put him to an outstanding level. His approaches in surgical services of the jaws have rendered him as an entrepreneur, teacher, and clinician who is emulated by many surgical services providers.

Cameron Clokie focuses on developing bio implants which will gradually replace the autogenously bone grafts.

He is committed to providing bone regeneration and facial reconstruction to his patients with his clinical services in oral & maxillofacial surgery based in Toronto, Ontario.

Lori Senecal’s New Strategies on Advertising

In today’s world of business, it is important to take a risk in business. Different types of media marketing work best when firms push their limits, use new technologies, and improve customers’ experiences. Competition in modern methods of advertisement weakens traditional ways of advertising. To get attention, creative methods of advertising should be applied in traditional promotional campaigns.

Lori Senecal leds CP+B, Crispin, and Porter & Bogusky in the transformation of the advertising industry. The companies harness social media channels, coders, technologists, and advertising professionals to design incredible campaigns. Lori ensures that the advertising techniques developed to reach the most appropriate audience delivers the right message, and inspires the consumer to purchase.

The experience of all users is critical. Thus CP+B encourage team members to become creative and ensure that the audience experiences virtual reality, multicultural advertising, and native advertising. Such approaches do not involve local festivals, street events or trade shows to become successful. The company uses a concept that involves creating memorable experiences to customers.

On GC Report, Lori says that some of the best Facebook marketing strategies are:

  • Creating visual content that draws the attention of the audience who use mobile devices.
  • Analysis of KPIs to enhance campaign details like eye-grabbing backgrounds, photo color, distinctive focal points, and high-quality photos.
  • Displaying relatable content and visuals.
  • Using real people in advertising campaigns.
  • Creation of unique experiences for each consumer profile.
  • Encouraging sharing of information with informative, entertaining and value-added content that goes viral on a regular basis.

Lori Senecal is the Chief Executive Officer of Porter & Bogusky and Crispin. Since 2015, when she joined the company, it has experienced phenomenal growth. Senecal is committed to proactive, active, and personal advertising solutions. Lori also believes great ideas and tested execution strategies.

According to Ad Age, Lori Senecal has led to significant changes in the company by cultivating top talents, expanding international offices, and promotion of digital marketing strategy. The agency started with 250 employees who have grown to 900 employees. CP+B has won accounts such as Paypal, Infiniti, American Airlines, and Hershey. Lori has received a lot of recognition for her accomplishments in her career. Lori has also served as the president and CIO of McCann.