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How Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Made the Frontera Fund the Best

With the current political climate in the United States, human rights and civil rights groups are growing. They are not only getting bigger on an individual level but they are also growing to the point where there are many of them that people will be able to benefit from in different situations.

Because of the issues that people have, they have to make sure that they are able to get the help that they need and that they are able to experience all of the things that they were meant to experience even if people want to stand in their way or put a stop to the things that they could be doing.

This is something that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are familiar with and it is one of the reasons that they came up with the idea to create the Frontera Fund so that they can help people.

Whether someone is having an issue with their immigrant rights, with their civil rights or with their human rights, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey know that they have to be able to help them. They have set the Frontera Fund up with the purpose of doing that and it has helped them to make sure that they are doing things the right way.

For Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to be able to do all of this, they have to make sure that things are going to get better and that they are going to be able to bring improvements to the lives of their clients.

Since the men have done this, they have seen some major changes in the way that things go for them. They have also seen major changes for the people who do things and for the people who try to make things better.

While Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey know that this will all work for them and that they will all be able to enjoy the experiences, they also know that people sometimes still struggle with the issues they have and with the options that they are able to experience despite the things that are going on.

While people continue to be able to show different options and while they are working to make things easier on their own, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey know that they have to sometimes help them with the things that are going on.

That is where the Frontera Fund comes in. When there is a civil rights case that people cannot benefit from and that people will struggle with, there are sometimes things that they can’t do on their own. The Frontera Fund helps the people to be able to try new things and do more than what they have in the past.

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How Securus Technologies Can Help Law Enforcement

There are so many aspects of law enforcement today that people don’t understand. Surveillance is one way that the people who work in law enforcement can gather evidence and solve crimes. Most people, including criminals, presume that once they are in jail it’s over. they foolishly believe that nothing else can come of the case. That would be where Securus Technologies comes into play those criminals are very wrong.


Securus Technologies, which is located in the greater Dallas, Texas area, has always prided itself in providing communications for inmates. One aspect of that system that so many inmates overlook, is the monitoring system. When an inmate uses the phone system they hear a little message that tells them that everything is monitored. Some even think that they know when is “safe’ to speak and discuss things that they don’t want anyone in law enforcement to hear. They would be wrong about that.


The system is designed to monitor everything. When the inmate begins to discuss who did what, and when they did it, the inmate communicator is listening. Law enforcement can then gather that as evidence for search warrants. the next thing you know, “Jimmy inmate” is busted. This is very handy when an inmate is placed in custody and the case has yet to go to trial. If it’s early enough in the case, then it can even help the law enforcement officer to hold the person under suspicion of evidence until a proper search warrant on the suspicious location can occur. The value of this is obvious.


As the future unfolds with Securus Technologies helping law enforcement in inmate communications, there are even better ways to help solve cases and protect the inmates from one another. It is exciting to watch the marriage of the two worlds work together for this cause.


UKV PLC And Their Dedication To The UK Wine Culture

UK wine culture is one of the most-interesting in the world because it is born from a soil that is unique, a style that is unique and people who have been making wine for years. Someone who is intrigued by the design of the UK wine world may look to UKV PLC because they will find every wine imaginable along with some other things that will make their taste buds sing. This article explains how someone can shop with UKV PLC any time they want for better wines.

#1: The Setup

UKV PLC has a wonderful website that anyone may use to buy their wines, and they will find that are a multitude of wines that they will enjoy if they are looking for something that will work best for them. This will require them to be wise about their shopping, and they may come back often to try a new wine.

#2: The UK Wine Culture

UKV PLC is online in many capacities ensuring that they are supporting and showing off the UK wine culture. They put in quite a lot of work to show that the UK wine world is different from any other. They have offered wines that are built unlike any other, and they will continue to do so. They are consistently releasing new wines and accessories.

#3: Their Commitment To Customers

The company has a commitment to customers that is far beyond anything else people could imagine. They allow the customer to buy online in any quantity they like, and they show customers that they may save money on each purchase they make.

This is a fun company to work with because their site is consistently updated with things that will make them more exciting to shop with. Everyone who buys wines here will be impressed.

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Bernardo Chua Loves The Innovative Direct Selling Business

Bernardo Chua is a world-renowned entrepreneur. His love for direct selling business model has been exhibited in the various companies that he has worked for, including his own entity, Organo Gold. Chua was brought up in the Philippines where he learnt much about ganoderma as a young boy. His Chinese heritage helped him to grow and comprehend the importance of the herb.

This poly pore mushroom is used in many households in China and other countries in the vast Asian continent. In the past, this herb was hardly known in the international market. Chua is credited for taking it upon himself to ensure that he popularizes it in the global market, particularly in North America.

Bernardo started his entrepreneurial journey by working for Gano Excel Philippines. During his tenure, Chua zeroed in on ensuring that the company’s products, which included, instant teas and coffee, capsules, and various food products, are sold to the public.

He used the multi-level marketing model to sell these products. He had prepared them using ganoderma. After a short while, he managed to enhance the company’s client base and augment the number of distributors.

The combination of all these factors served to improve the growth of the company. To this end, Bernardo expanded Gano Excel’s operations to Canada and Hong Kong. Owing to the successful work that he had done in Philippines, Chua was promoted to work for Gano Excel USA. In the country, he made significant inroads in educating the populace about the merits of the herb. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

After gaining immense experience and market knowledge, Chua decided to found Organo Gold. This company is headquartered in Canada. This nation is known to have stringent guidelines on products and companies. Before the company’s products are distributed, they have to be tested to check if they are fit for human consumption.

To this end, this strict procedure has served to enhance the trust of distributors and consumers about the quality of the company’s products. Chua continues to educate the consumers and distributors about the benefits of ganoderma.

Today, the company has more than one million registered distributors around the globe. Over the years, Bernardo Chua has been funding ganoderma-related research. This way, he is well positioned to benefit from any new breakthroughs that are discovered. People interact with Chua through his twitter account.

How Arthur Becker Went from Banking to Real Estate in the Big Apple

Arthur Becker has been taking the real estate game in New York by storm in recent years and people are finally starting to really take notice. Arthur Becker is a former stockbroker who maneuvered into real estate after finding an early fortune buying and selling tech companies. Broker’s switch over to real estate may have surprised some but not all, as the man has found success in nearly every avenue of business that he has set his sights on. Becker’s transition to real estate has been smooth but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth taking a closer look at.

Arthur Broker was working as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns when he landed his first big fortune. Becker would immediately parlay that money into a variety of other investment opportunities. Early on it seemed like the key to success for Arthur Becker was to diversify and pursue a variety of different fields, each of which he had felt passionate about. Becker would pursue real estate developments in both New York and Florida while also pursuing a slew of other investment options that ranged the gamut from art to science.

According to Perez Hilton, while working in these different investment fields Becker would gain a reputation as being someone who could turn just about any concept into a financial boon. Becker has worked with some of the wildest investments that we have heard of. Becker’s fascination with banking and currency would lead him to pursuing investments in ancient currency found throughout the cradle of Africa — including Nigeria and Cameroon. Along the way Becker would also begin to invest in Macadamia Nut farms in Hawaii which would go on to be sold to the ever growing Mrs Fields cookie company. These investments are just a taste of the many different options that Becker pursued.

In New York it was clear early on that Becker was focused on becoming a major player in real estate. He would go on to immediately begin working with some of the top real estate partners in the city: Michael Stern, Kevin Maloney as well as Madison Equities. Now Becker is laying claim to his own reputation among the elite real estate investors.

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Nathaniel Ru is Reshaping What Healthy Eating Looks Like

Sweetgreen has been the perfect platform for Nathaniel Ru to bring about more awareness for healthy good. Nathaniel definitely has the ability to bring a lot of different flavor to the fast food industry. He has proven that he knows how customers respond to healthy food when it is presented in the right way. That may be the most important thing about the Sweetgreen brand. It was something that was presented as a hip and trendy alternative. It wasn’t just another plea of an entrepreneur to get people to eat healthy. It was something that was actually going to motivate people to engage in healthy eating. That has been the difference that has made this such a popular establishment with consumers. Learn more:


It definitely makes a lot of sense for people to at least consider what Nathaniel Drew brings to the table. He is providing consumers with a better blueprint for how they can eat healthier without totally sacrificing all of the foods that they love. The menu is not all salads and vegetables. There are fruit and chips that are on the menu as well as side items. Learn more:

People that eat through Sweetgreen are going to be impressed by this company because it still provides quite a bit of variety. It is definitely easier for consumers to eat healthy when they know that they have an abundant number of choices to consider. That is what most people appreciate about this restaurant. It has been designed to give customers a multitude of choices, and there are also more choices to consider when people go to other Sweetgreen locations and other cities. The restaurant in Los Angeles is not going to have the same menu items as the restaurant in New York City. Learn more:


The Sweetgreen chain is certainly a big surprise for anyone that is trying to depart from all the fast food choices that are out there right now. Nathaniel Ru has become a leader in the industry that has been able to turn things around. He has done this in a time where most people would not believe that a restaurant such as Sweetgreen could be successful. Nathaniel has sort of defied the odds when it comes to building a better restaurant. He has ready been able to change the direction of the consumers that may have never even considered fast food before. Nathaniel Ru has reshaped healthy eating choices.



Betsy DeVos: A Giver Not a Keeper

Betsy DeVos is a hard working woman, who currently serves as the United States of America’s Eleventh Secretary of Education. She was nominated by president Donald Trump and elected into the position on February 7, 2017 by the U.S. Senate. But there is more to her story than just being the Secretary of Education for our nation. DeVos has always had a passion for education, especially education for children and fighting for their equal rights. For almost thirty years, she has been the leader and voice for many parents and children, with the dream of providing every child with a five star education, whether they be from a low income household, a tough neighborhood, or a student living in the suburbs.

Why such a passion? Betsy’s mother was a public school teacher when she was growing up. So not only was she surrounded by it, but her passion grew even more when DeVos sent her own kids to school and soon realized that not every child was getting an equal chance to obtain a solid education. So, DeVos wanted to change that. She has now worked and supported to help build new educational options for children and students in over twenty five different states, including the District of Columbia. This Bachelor Arts graduate from Calvin College in Michigan moved on to be a driving force for the education system today, as well as a strong believer and fighter for equality for students. Read more about her philanthropy at MLive.

While DeVos has indeed worked her way up to get where she is today, and she does work hard for every penny that she earns, one thing that strikes me as amazing is all that she gives away from what she earns. I tend to be a person that holds on to my money and does not want to give generously, but DeVos is quite the opposite! By the means of starting her own foundation, along with her husband Dick DeVos, they have been able to give away millions of dollars to help financially support many different education programs, organizations, and sites. DeVos was able to give four hundred thousand dollars to Campbell Brown’s nonprofit organization The Partnership for Educational Justice, as well as four hundred thousand to Campbell Brown to help kick start her educational site titled 74. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation also gave two hundred thousand to a Christian school called Potter’s House based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to colleges and universities including the School of Missionary Aviation Technology, Calvin College, Rollins College, the University of Maryland, Wake Forest University, and many others.

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I think we can learn many things from this remarkable woman. Whether it be that you have to work hard to get what you want, or that maybe giving a little more out of your paycheck won’t hurt, Betsy DeVos is a stand up woman that many can learn from in a culture and age that is so self-centered.

Securus Technologies – Helping Prisons and Correctional Facilities Use Advanced Technology to its Advantage

The correctional sphere is developing fast in recent time, and the due credit needs to be given to the technology firms such as Securus Technologies. The company has helped in modernizing the incarceration experience significantly in the last few years. Securus Technologies started its operation in the year of 1986, and since then has grown to become the leading parolee tracking, government information management systems, and inmate communications technology firm.


The primary aim of the company is to help in relieving and alleviating the stress from the lives of the detainees, who are staying in isolation far from their families. The communication technology offered by the Securus Technologies makes it easier for the inmates as well as their relatives and friends to communicate with each other more frequently, without having to spend a fortune.


The company is known to charge a lower amount for calling than many other prison communication businesses in the United States. Securus Technologies’ services are used by correctional facilities in the United States as well as Mexico, District of Columbia, and Canada. The company aims to deliver the best and the most efficient crime prevention and inmate communication products and services. Securus Technologies’ products and services are used by over a million prisoners in the United States alone.


In a recent move, Securus Technologies published a media release on the internet with the aim to showcase what the law enforcement agencies and its officials feel about the impact made by Securus Technologies’ products and services. The company published parts of the letters it receives in hundreds every week from the law enforcement officials. I feel the company is doing an excellent job in developing reliable and high-end technology for the inmate communications and crime prevention. I have used the information made available through the company’s services to make several arrests in the last couple of months, and feel that it is tremendously useful for the law enforcement agencies.


Why Penelope Kokkinides is a Leader at InnovaCare Health

As the Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides has always been a top choice for InnovaCare Health. Acting as the Chief Operating Officer prior to this time, Penelope was sought out to after having left the company. She returned in 2015, and was glad to be back to her daily routine with the company, working alongside CEO Rick Shinto. Penelope has vast experience working with both Medicare and Medicaid, with a total of more than 20 years working in the healthcare industry. Her gift in developing new programs has served her well in her career, giving her an edge when working with a company like InnovaCare Health. Visit Penelope’s website at

What most individuals want to know about Penelope is how she keeps it all straight. Her gift for organization has been a tremendous advantage to her as she focuses on the management and development of government programs in healthcare. Travel consumes most of her time, which means that she has to find ways to manage her time effectively as well as keep everything organized for each aspect of her job. Penelope told IdeaMensch in a recent interview that portable chargers have changed her life, giving her the added edge while in the air, working and keeping in touch via her phone and her tablet.

Staying connected is also a big deal as it relates to her job, and given that she remains focused on getting connected and staying connected, Penelope loves the trend of technology as it helps everyone stay in touch through messaging, voice to text, and internet access from all devices. Applications are also a big trend, and allow her to get a lot done while traveling, and if her flight is on delay, she can also work in other ways. Video conferencing at the click of a button is also another way that she keeps in touch with her team and other executives.

As an entrepreneur, Penelope is dedicated to planning ahead. She made mention of the fact that she takes the night before to plan for the next day. Penelope Kokkinides is always forward thinking as it pertains to meetings and anything she has on tap for the next day. Her drive to get things done and in a professional setting has always been a part of her life. Working jobs in healthcare since high-school gave her great exposure to the industry. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

Oncotarget – An Intro

Oncotarget – using research memberships, peer-review and special initiatives to show power on the issues of health, money and more

This scientific study was also the first to address e-cigarettes and their detrimental effects on oral health at the cellular and molecular levels. E-cigarettes continue to sell rapidly among younger adults and current or former smokers as they’re often perceived as the healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. Previously, scientists had believed that the chemicals found inside cigarette smoke were responsible for adverse health effects. Yet a growing amount of scientific data included in this study would suggest otherwise. The study also exposed sample 3-D human, non-smoker gum tissue e-cigarette vapors and found that these flavoring chemicals play a large role in permanently damaging the mouth’s interior cells.

Oncotarget claims that it has torn down a century’s worth of statutes and laws aimed to reduce corruption in the health system. It also claims that its greatest strength lies in the power of educated, united activists and believes that the power of transparency through research involves practicing what one preaches. It submitted its latest filing with the FEC on March 31. One may likewise view the report on the main website. Last November, a University of Rochester’s Medical Center study suggested that electronic cigarettes are as damaging to gums and teeth as are conventional cigarettes. The study was published in Oncotarget and led by Irfan Rahman, a Ph.D. professor of Environmental Medicines at the university’s School of Medicine and Dentistry. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

Most e-cigarettes contain built-in batteries, a heating device, and cartridges to hold liquid that usually contains nicotine, flavorings and other toxic chemicals. These battery-powered devices heat any liquid inside the cartridge into aerosols that the user then inhales. The study was funded through the National Institutes of Health. Collaborators included primary author Isaac K. Sundar, the University of Rochester’s Department of Environmental Medicine, Fawad Javed, the school’s Department of General Dentistry and its Eastman Institute for Oral Health, Georgios E. Romanos, the school’s Department of Periodontology and School of Dental Medicine, Stony Brook University and also Irfan Rahman.