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Bernardo Chua Loves The Innovative Direct Selling Business

Bernardo Chua is a world-renowned entrepreneur. His love for direct selling business model has been exhibited in the various companies that he has worked for, including his own entity, Organo Gold. Chua was brought up in the Philippines where he learnt much about ganoderma as a young boy. His Chinese heritage helped him to grow and comprehend the importance of the herb.

This poly pore mushroom is used in many households in China and other countries in the vast Asian continent. In the past, this herb was hardly known in the international market. Chua is credited for taking it upon himself to ensure that he popularizes it in the global market, particularly in North America.

Bernardo started his entrepreneurial journey by working for Gano Excel Philippines. During his tenure, Chua zeroed in on ensuring that the company’s products, which included, instant teas and coffee, capsules, and various food products, are sold to the public.

He used the multi-level marketing model to sell these products. He had prepared them using ganoderma. After a short while, he managed to enhance the company’s client base and augment the number of distributors.

The combination of all these factors served to improve the growth of the company. To this end, Bernardo expanded Gano Excel’s operations to Canada and Hong Kong. Owing to the successful work that he had done in Philippines, Chua was promoted to work for Gano Excel USA. In the country, he made significant inroads in educating the populace about the merits of the herb. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

After gaining immense experience and market knowledge, Chua decided to found Organo Gold. This company is headquartered in Canada. This nation is known to have stringent guidelines on products and companies. Before the company’s products are distributed, they have to be tested to check if they are fit for human consumption.

To this end, this strict procedure has served to enhance the trust of distributors and consumers about the quality of the company’s products. Chua continues to educate the consumers and distributors about the benefits of ganoderma.

Today, the company has more than one million registered distributors around the globe. Over the years, Bernardo Chua has been funding ganoderma-related research. This way, he is well positioned to benefit from any new breakthroughs that are discovered. People interact with Chua through his twitter account.