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Fabletics: Beating Amazon In The Biggest Industry

In this day and age, many people seek to make themselves feel and look good. Many people go to great lengths to look the part when they are working out. This desire to look good includes workout gear that is stylish and fun. Activewear has become a growing trend for the past 5 years. People enjoy wearing activewear because it is comfortable and it is easy to wear. With activewear, individuals and go from the gym to a lunch date, without having to change. Activewear is becoming so fashionable that you can wear it anywhere. There are many places to get activewear. Amazon has always been the go-to retail company for everything under the sun, including activewear. Now, there is a new company on the market that is giving Amazon so heavy competition. Fabletics is a clothing company that is pretty new. Fabletics is a company co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. The company is under the parent company of Just Fab. The company uses a subscription service that allows their customers to get an activewear outfit every month. The activewear at Fabletics is known to be affordable and comfortable.


One of the reasons the company is successful is because they stay true to their customers. The company has a great way of listening to their customers and being aspirational. One of the other factors that make the company successful is their reverse showrooming technique. Showrooming is a technique that customers use that is not a favorite for many retailers. This happens when a customer browses at the store and goes somewhere else to buy the item.


This is not good for most retailers because in the end, they will lose money. Fabletics has done a smart thing by using showrooming to their advantage. When a person goes into a Fabletics store and browses, the item will automatically go into their online shopping cart. This gives the customer the ability to buy the item and not go anywhere else. Fabletics appeals to all of their customers because they have multiple physical stores in the United States and they are looking to open more. Fabletics stores can be found in Florida, Hawaii, California, and Illinois.


The clothes that Fabletics sells are super comfortable and incredibly stylish. They have leggings and activewear that many consider the best in the industry.

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  1. Fabletics has seen great success since their inception. The company has made over $250 million since it started. Customers flock to Fabletics because of their clothes and amazing customer service. I also would like to understand that the clothing world is what they would be reviewing for as long as possible.

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