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How Arthur Becker Went from Banking to Real Estate in the Big Apple

Arthur Becker has been taking the real estate game in New York by storm in recent years and people are finally starting to really take notice. Arthur Becker is a former stockbroker who maneuvered into real estate after finding an early fortune buying and selling tech companies. Broker’s switch over to real estate may have surprised some but not all, as the man has found success in nearly every avenue of business that he has set his sights on. Becker’s transition to real estate has been smooth but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth taking a closer look at.

Arthur Broker was working as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns when he landed his first big fortune. Becker would immediately parlay that money into a variety of other investment opportunities. Early on it seemed like the key to success for Arthur Becker was to diversify and pursue a variety of different fields, each of which he had felt passionate about. Becker would pursue real estate developments in both New York and Florida while also pursuing a slew of other investment options that ranged the gamut from art to science.

According to Perez Hilton, while working in these different investment fields Becker would gain a reputation as being someone who could turn just about any concept into a financial boon. Becker has worked with some of the wildest investments that we have heard of. Becker’s fascination with banking and currency would lead him to pursuing investments in ancient currency found throughout the cradle of Africa — including Nigeria and Cameroon. Along the way Becker would also begin to invest in Macadamia Nut farms in Hawaii which would go on to be sold to the ever growing Mrs Fields cookie company. These investments are just a taste of the many different options that Becker pursued.

In New York it was clear early on that Becker was focused on becoming a major player in real estate. He would go on to immediately begin working with some of the top real estate partners in the city: Michael Stern, Kevin Maloney as well as Madison Equities. Now Becker is laying claim to his own reputation among the elite real estate investors.

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  1. Real estate investment is now a boom business young invetors should look out for. It is a gold mine no wonder Becker was able to cross over from banking to real estate. However, has given a fantastic review about how Becker has become a big player haven worked with top players in the industry.

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