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How Securus Technologies Can Help Law Enforcement

There are so many aspects of law enforcement today that people don’t understand. Surveillance is one way that the people who work in law enforcement can gather evidence and solve crimes. Most people, including criminals, presume that once they are in jail it’s over. they foolishly believe that nothing else can come of the case. That would be where Securus Technologies comes into play those criminals are very wrong.


Securus Technologies, which is located in the greater Dallas, Texas area, has always prided itself in providing communications for inmates. One aspect of that system that so many inmates overlook, is the monitoring system. When an inmate uses the phone system they hear a little message that tells them that everything is monitored. Some even think that they know when is “safe’ to speak and discuss things that they don’t want anyone in law enforcement to hear. They would be wrong about that.


The system is designed to monitor everything. When the inmate begins to discuss who did what, and when they did it, the inmate communicator is listening. Law enforcement can then gather that as evidence for search warrants. the next thing you know, “Jimmy inmate” is busted. This is very handy when an inmate is placed in custody and the case has yet to go to trial. If it’s early enough in the case, then it can even help the law enforcement officer to hold the person under suspicion of evidence until a proper search warrant on the suspicious location can occur. The value of this is obvious.


As the future unfolds with Securus Technologies helping law enforcement in inmate communications, there are even better ways to help solve cases and protect the inmates from one another. It is exciting to watch the marriage of the two worlds work together for this cause.