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Mike Baur – Investing in The Youth

Mike is the current managing partner and benefactor of Swiss Start- up Factory. He co-founded this company after serving two decades in the banking industry. Some of the banks he worked in include; The Clariden Leu and UBS bank. In 2014, he alongside his two friends; Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, co-found Swiss Start-up Factory. This, was after they had initially invested in several start-up companies.

Swiss startup factory became a success as soon as it opened.


The company had a management team that was uniquely qualified to facilitate the company’s success in the industry. Besides, the years of service that Mike Baur had in the banking sector coupled with the skills that his other managing partners had enabled the company to have massive success. Later on, in 2016, Mike Baur was appointed to be a managing director in the CTI Invest Company. This promotion occurred after his huge involvement in the launching of the accelerator programs by the Swiss Start-up factory.


Accelerator programs (Seed Accelerators)


Accelerator programs are also referred to as seed accelerators. These are fixed term, privately funded business accelerators that facilitate the growth of business start-ups. The differences between business incubators and seed accelerators are;

  1. Unlike traditional business incubators, application to the seed accelerator program is open to anyone. In seed accelerators, an initial seed investment is usually made to the given business start-up
  2. Seed accelerator programs include intensive education and mentorship programs. Often, the business start-ups are given a deadline in which the progress of the various start-ups is evaluated.
  3. Start-up companies are supported in groups. The accelerator programs are not engineered to be on- demand resource. The peer feedback is highly valued.


The massive success of these seed accelerator programs facilitated the rise Mike Bauer’s career. Also, Swiss Start-up factory partnered with other major business enterprise and these provided highly lucrative opportunities for the company. Besides, the partnership of the company with Fintech fusion also increased the global presence of the start-up factory.


Mike Baur attributes his achievements as an entrepreneur to the virtues he learned while still in the campus. He studied at two great universities; the University of Berne and the University of Rochester. The latter is in New York. He graduated with an executive MBA and an MBA respectively. However, the motivating factor that pushed him to venture into starting Swiss Start-up Factory was his involvement as an investor in the start-up companies.