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Nathaniel Ru And His Partners Are Green Advocates In The Hotel Industry

Today’s consumers are increasingly becoming aware of what they need to do to stay healthy. With scientists establishing a close link between unhealthy foods and lifestyle diseases, many have resorted to being on the safer side by overhauling their diets. Restaurants have begun changing their menus to incorporate green and organic portions.

One of the food chains that have built its business around the green-healthy concept is Sweetgreen. The restaurant was founded by three entrepreneurs who met at Georgetown University in an entrepreneurship class.

The three founders are Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman. The trio was passionate about creating a restaurant that could offer healthier meals in a fun and exciting way.

Investing in customer experience is one of the proven ways of attracting a vast clientele. Sweetgreen has devoted a lot of resources to ensure that its clients get a different kind of experience whenever they visit any of its restaurants. They have incorporated the benefits of serene environments with good music.

According to the company’s head of marketing, Sweetgreen’s primary principle is that its customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders get value for either their money or time. Everybody is a winner at the enterprise. Nathaniel Ru, the most vocal of Sweetgreen’s founders, believes that every decision at the company should be made for the benefit of everyone and posterity.

With a farm-to-table approach, Sweetgreen is committed to ensuring that its products are authentic and they give customers value for their money. The firm has also made sure that it works in close collaboration with the farmers who supply it with food to make sure that they offer quality products.

On most Saturdays and Sundays, Sweetgreen treats its guests with music that is played outside their stores. The firm also features a once in a year event that brings together farmers who supply the company and the consumers. Such an initiative is meant to showcase the origin of the foods found at the restaurant.

Sweetgreen believes in a comprehensive approach to fitness. The company has partnered with other brands in the fitness and gym sector to ensure that its clients adopt a comprehensive fitness plan.