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Nathaniel Ru is Reshaping What Healthy Eating Looks Like

Sweetgreen has been the perfect platform for Nathaniel Ru to bring about more awareness for healthy good. Nathaniel definitely has the ability to bring a lot of different flavor to the fast food industry. He has proven that he knows how customers respond to healthy food when it is presented in the right way. That may be the most important thing about the Sweetgreen brand. It was something that was presented as a hip and trendy alternative. It wasn’t just another plea of an entrepreneur to get people to eat healthy. It was something that was actually going to motivate people to engage in healthy eating. That has been the difference that has made this such a popular establishment with consumers. Learn more:


It definitely makes a lot of sense for people to at least consider what Nathaniel Drew brings to the table. He is providing consumers with a better blueprint for how they can eat healthier without totally sacrificing all of the foods that they love. The menu is not all salads and vegetables. There are fruit and chips that are on the menu as well as side items. Learn more:

People that eat through Sweetgreen are going to be impressed by this company because it still provides quite a bit of variety. It is definitely easier for consumers to eat healthy when they know that they have an abundant number of choices to consider. That is what most people appreciate about this restaurant. It has been designed to give customers a multitude of choices, and there are also more choices to consider when people go to other Sweetgreen locations and other cities. The restaurant in Los Angeles is not going to have the same menu items as the restaurant in New York City. Learn more:


The Sweetgreen chain is certainly a big surprise for anyone that is trying to depart from all the fast food choices that are out there right now. Nathaniel Ru has become a leader in the industry that has been able to turn things around. He has done this in a time where most people would not believe that a restaurant such as Sweetgreen could be successful. Nathaniel has sort of defied the odds when it comes to building a better restaurant. He has ready been able to change the direction of the consumers that may have never even considered fast food before. Nathaniel Ru has reshaped healthy eating choices.