Roberto Santiago Invests In a Profitable Success Story the Manaira Shopping Mall

The success story of Roberto Santiago features an excellent architecture state of the art modern shopping mall at the age of 58. The executive entrepreneur who was born in Joao Pessoa located in Brazil became the point of reference for young achievers and seasoned business professionals. From investment to diversification and talent, Roberto Santiago is a perfect role model for the citizens of Brazil. Read more on


The great success story lies in Manaira Shopping Mall. The inauguration of its establishment occurred in 1989, at Paraiba. The mall has currently undergone five expansions in a bid to diversify its services to all Brazilians. Paraiba is a central place for the people of Brazil hence the convenience and ease of access for all that Manaira Shopping Mall has to offer. Joao is a busy place with many people flocking the center to attend to daily life activities like shopping and banking. For entrepreneurs who want to start businesses, this is the first important strategy to implement. Roberto Santiago thought it wise to locate a central place for business.

Investment Strategy

With heavy human traffic, more shoppers tend to purchase from the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. The interesting bit of this mall is the entertainment offered. From leisure activities to fun, Manaira Shopping Mall has become the hangout place for most Brazilians. The modern mall offers a one-stop shopping facility for families. In addition to Roberto’s success story of Manaira is the Mangabeira Shopping Mall that was inaugurated in 2014. Although this mall is as helpful and efficient in providing the needs of shoppers, it is nothing compared to the Manaira Shopping Mall. Most residents no longer consider the North East part of Joao. Manaira was erected between two beaches on the north coast of Joao Pessoa. It has 280 stores sitting on 75 thousand meters. The versatility of the mall tells the story of a man who used technology in bringing ideas to life. Roberto did not just want to build a popular, typical shopping mall at the center of the business district. He wanted to provide customers with an all under one roof plan.

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For movie lovers, Manaira Shopping Mall has eleven showrooms. These rooms feature a state of the art technology with modern devices. The VIP rooms come with snacks and bars for leisure during entertainment. The movies have a 3D visualizing platform with stadium systems. The rooms have an organized seating arrangement with arm chairs and antiglare for visibility. For lovers of bowling, Manaira has modern slopes with a modern touch of electronic features. The mall also has electronic gaming machines with more than twenty games in the slots. For food lovers, Manaira has all types of snacks and cuisines. From Espaco Gourmet to Burgers, the chefs in the restaurants are highly qualified. The Manaira Shopping is Roberto Santiago’s gift to the people of Brazil.