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The Expertise and Success of Betsy DeVos in Different Fields

Betsy DeVos is an accomplished American businesswoman and philanthropist. She is a liberal individual and has participated in several activities that have assisted in bettering the lives of people across the country. Mrs. DeVos is recognized for her commitment as an education activist. She has pushed for reforms in the sector by supporting the use of school vouchers and the existence of charter schools. Betsy has been married the founder of Windquest Group, Dick DeVos, for decades. Dick formerly headed his father’s businesses, which include Amway and Orlando Magic. In 2016, Forbes Magazine listed the DeVos family as the America’s 88th wealthiest family, and they were worth $5.4 billion. Betsy has made many donations to the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She has been running the charity with her husband since 1989, and the activities that they have supported include Christian work, art, medical research, education, and leadership.


Mrs. DeVos has held campaigns to encourage states across the country to have reforms in the school systems so that all children can have an opportunity of attending learning institutions that they deserve. Her participation in the sector was appreciated by President Trump who made her the 11th secretary of education. Betsy was chosen to serve on the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s board. She also made great contributions to the activities of the Alliance for School Choice, Grand Rapids Public School, and All Children Matter PAC. Her family offered financial support to the Potter’s House School to enable disadvantaged children to have the best education. The learning institution is Christian-based.


Apart from her work as an activist, Betsy has had a political career for over three decades. She was interested in the field during her time in college and later joined the Michigan Republican Party in 1982. In 1986, Mrs. DeVos ran for the delegate position, which she held for several years. The party offered her an opportunity to serve the Michigan’s Republican National Committee as from 1992 to 1997. The businesswoman took over the leadership of the Michigan Republican Party in 1996. She has been involved in a couple of fundraisers for the party. Betsy convinced her friends to donated over $150,000 to help in President Bush’s campaigns in 2004. The party has to date received over $17 million from the DeVos family.


Betsy has established herself well in the business sector. She assists her husband in the administration of the Windquest Group, which is an enterprise that they co-founded. The couple has also invested a significant amount of money in Neurocore. The firm’s expertise is in offering unparalleled therapies for depression, autism, and anxiety. Dick and Betsy also invested in the development of a charter high school that is called the West Michigan Aviation College.


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