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Todd Lubar: Real Estate and Finance Expert

At some point, everyone’s thought about starting their own company. For many, it’s just a nice daydream to have during long days at a job they hate. For some, it’s an adventure that may lead to success, although it rarely does. While most new business owners fail within the first year, some are propelled into success.

There’s no surefire way to ensure success. While experts say that education is the best tool, there are some who succeed in an industry they know nothing about just because of blind luck. Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur that started out in an industry he knows and ended up in several industries that he doesn’t.

Lubar’s career began at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He started out as a loan originator and focused much of his experience on learning about conservative mortgage banking. It soon became apparent that Lubar had a natural gift for mortgage banking.

After four years at Crestar, Todd Lubar decided to move on to Legacy Financial Group, a company based in Arlington, Texas. He played a major role in growing the company’s Maryland officer during his six years with the Legacy Financial. His success at the company led to his promotion to Senior VP in Charter Funding, a division of Magnus Financial Corp.

Over the years, Lubar’s expanded into several industries. Todd owns businesses in the real estate industry, nightclub industry, and even the recycling industry. Currently, he’s focused on partially philanthropic business: TDL Ventures.

While TDL isn’t a purely philanthropic non-profit, it does focus on providing much-needed loans to those who have no other option. Too many banks have high lending standards that most people don’t qualify for; Todd Lubar sought to rectify that. In his mind, the people of Baltimore needed help. He created a program that removed many of those obstacles.

While it seems like Lubar’s career is spotless, it isn’t. Like all entrepreneurs, he’s had companies that didn’t work out, but he never let that slow him down. Check out his website,